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Bang, Bang, Knock, Knock.

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My eyelids pop open, my dream scattered and forgotten.




Then softly, I hear a knock, and another, louder this time.

I’m wide awake, what the? …


Through the darkness, my dilated pupils tentatively search the room, the noise is coming from inside the wardrobe.


Panic rises in my chest, I sit up slowly and try not to make a sound.

Bang! Bang!

The wardrobe doors start to rattle on their hinges, then suddenly the rattling stops.



My heart pounds, my mouth has gone bone dry. I force myself to get out of bed and run for the door but my body won’t listen, it’s paralysed with fear.

Knock! Knock!

I jump. The wardrobe doors start rattling again.


What is it? Did a cat come through the bedroom window and get trapped in there? God no, how could a cat make that noise? I focus on the darkness beyond the slats on the wardrobe door, but there’s nothing to see.


Sweat trickles into my eyes as long nails scrape and gouge the wooden door from the inside as something tries to claw its way out.

My heart is going to pump itself right out of my chest.


Can I make it to the door? No, I’d have to pass the wardrobe to get to it, I’ll never make it.


Knock! Knock!

Finally, I scream, somehow finding my voice wakes my flight mode. I throw back the duvet, my feet hit the floor.

The wardrobe door starts to open in slow motion, and, as if in tandem is accompanied by an unearthly low keening song of terror.

I freeze mid step, terrified. Bewildered.


Eyes wide, I peer into the dark beyond the open wardrobe door.


My heart misses a beat, it misses more than one beat, it almost stops.

A corpse. A moving corpse, coming for me.

Her white pinprick pupils glare at me, devoid of all life, yet full of intent. Her brittle white hair only adds to her deathliness.

As she slowly floats towards me, swathes of her rotting flesh flutter around her skeletal body like flimsy rags that are being blown about by an invisible wind.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I know her. I get a sense of the familiar. She feels so grotesque, so wrong and unnatural, she shouldn’t be here.

She smiles then; a hideous rictus grin revealing her crooked tombstone teeth and her pale withered arms reach out to me in welcome.

Shockingly, when her ice-cold fingers finally touch my skin, it feels more like a kiss.

I understand now.


My time is up.

It’s too soon, I'm not ready.


She takes my hand anyway and leads me through the wardrobe door and into the eternal darkness.



Bang, Bang, Knock, Knock

Copyright © 2024, Laurel Rafferty.

All rights reserved.

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1 Comment

4 days ago

Good imagination and humour. I’ll keep reading your work. Keep going

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